Paul Scott consistently achieves the best results for his clients.

``Attorney Scott is amazing!!! Very straight forward and gets down to business. Made this custody case less stressful and we thank him.``

Shante Wright

``If you need a lawyer, there are plenty to choose from. If you need an advocate, a person who empathizes with your predicament, a champion for your cause, responds to any inquiry within minutes, and one with impeccable character, then Paul Scott is the lawyer you want and need.``

Robert Souvola

``I went to Paul for my divorce. He is the Man I highly recommend him. And Heather makes everything very simple. Thanks again to Paul for a amazing job.``

Patrick Daugherty

``I was quite pleased with the outcome on my case and very happy with how professional and informative Paul was. He made sure to have my daughter and I in best interest. I would recommend him to others, as I've done already.``

Ashley Graff

``Paul Scott recently represented me in custody case for my daughter. I originally retained him because he was highly recommended by other attorneys practicing in Genesee County and he could accommodate my hectic schedule. Throughout our case he proved to be a great negotiator that is extremely articulate with high ethical values. His knowledge of the court system was invaluable which helped him anticipate our next steps and eventually win the case. Lastly and most important, Paul kept me informed at ever step and he made me feel like I was his only client. Like any good lawyer his services aren’t free but his billing practices were quite reasonable as compared to other lawyers I’ve had.``

Tina Jacques

``I went into my consultation with Paul not knowing what to expect or where to begin with filing for divorce. I knew I had a battle on my hands and he was the perfect guy to help me fight! He was very cut throat, straight to the point, knowledgeable of how everything works. His confidence and attitude really made me feel secure in what the end result would be of my divorce and arrangement for my kids. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to represent my case and will represent my future cases if need be.``

Jessica Novess

``Paul is a great lawyer, after fighting a long 9 month hard custody battle with my ex wife, I now have full custody of my daughter. Paul acts quickly and uses the facts. He is always quick to respond at any time of the day and is a very credible lawyer, he knows what hes doing. Anyone fighting for custody of a child, he is the man.``

Tony Misale

``Great attorney! I had a bit of a complicated case and Paul worked to get the outcome I wanted and hoped for. He educated himself with my case within 24 hours of a consult, and he had a game plan the next day! He is extremely professional and had my family's best interest at heart! Thank you Paul for going above and beyond! I had a previous attorney for a case and she did not return any of my calls or texts, and was so incompetent... I can NOT say the same about Paul Scott! I would highly recommend this attorney for your needs, and if I ever need another attorney, he will be my only choice.``

Amanda Friskey

``Paul was there for me super last minute regarding a child custody /support case I was blindsided by. He and Heather kept me informed throughout the whole process and so far things are going the way they should. Would definitely recommend him as an attorney.``

Kay Bee

``I would first like to say, I would highly recommend Paul! Great guy! He is on top for everything!!``

Yolanda Pantoja

``I had a great experience with Paul. I used him for my divorce and recently for a school district dispute. Paul was well worth every penny. Having experience with lawyers before I know they can be very busy, and normally the ones that are not busy are not busy for a reason. Paul would always answer my text, and always get back to me if I left a message. If I was uncertain about something or wanted a meeting he would arrange it. He came to court very prepared, and is a great speaker. It was obvious in the court room that I had the superior lawyer. Most of the time Paul was able to tell me what was going to happen in court before it happen. The only exception was the school district final decision which he told me we had a good shot. He came to court with visual aids for the judge, and cold hard facts, while the other side had stories. He is also good on his toes and able to overcome adversity as it is thrown at him in the court room. When I went to court I would sometimes watch the other cases before me and I can say Paul is defiantly the best speaker, and he knows his stuff. In the end I won my case, but even if I had lost I knew Paul brought his A game. I knew he did everything we could to win. Also there was one time where I was so frustrated with my divorce, my X wife and the processes that I took it out on Paul, and he was still very professional with me and did not take it personal. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for a lawyer. ``

Brandon Hamm

``Amazing work on my DUI case! I had a situation where I was going to be charged with a DUI, and I would have lost my job had I been charged with an alcohol related offense. So, needless to say this was a very major case I was up against, and I needed a specific result.
Paul Scott responded to my request on Christmas morning (I got the DUI on Christmas Eve) and he texted with me all Christmas Day, helping me understand my case, and how he could help.
I can’t even describe the relief having a lawyer so dedicated and thoughtful that he helped me in this way.
Beyond that, he won my case, and I received the best possible outcome, without a trial. He is extremely knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to explore every option that would avoid an alcohol related charge. We even had a conference call with a scientist who we would have contracted, if it went to trial. I am very grateful to have had Mr. Scott as my attorney, I don’t know that anyone else would have been able to do what he did.
I cannot recommend Paul Scott enough.``