Family Law Overview

Your guide to divorce and family law in Michigan.

Paul Scott is a family law attorney who specializes in handling divorces with substantial assets and advocating for abused women and father’s rights.  Paul’s passion for family law stems from his own life experiences, which provides him with significant insight to the emotional difficulties that clients suffer when going through a divorce or custody battle. This experience has been the foundation for his passion to aggressively handle these matters with integrity, diligence and excellence.

As a successful litigator with experience in navigating the legal complexities present in divorce proceedings and family law, Paul has had substantial success in protecting client assets and achieving common sense division of marital estate. In addition, Paul is a tenacious advocate in custody and parenting time issues. He has a great track record in returning custodial rights for parents who have had custody improperly stripped from them.  He has had many victories with increasing parenting time and has challenged and won cases where child support was improperly imposed based on false, misleading, or inappropriate data.