Criminal Defense

Paul Scott will fight for you.

Few things in life are more traumatic than losing your freedom. Facing time in jail or one of our state prisons can make you feel helpless or severely depressed. We stand with client’s facing what can seem like an overwhelming legal process.

Our firm believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. When the prosecutor’s office brings all their resources against clients, we aggressively push back.

Few attorneys appear in Genesee County courtrooms more than Paul. He is a well known commodity in our local community. Paul is highly effective at negotiating solutions for clients that minimize their exposure to incarceration and protect their record. He understands defendant’s have professional and personal lives that are on the line.

Paul has a unique knowledge of several programs to help client’s protect their records and keep them out of prison. Some of those include:

For defendants under the age of 24, they may qualify for the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA) program under MCL 769.11. This provision prevents the young defendant from having a criminal record

For defendants charged for the first time with a possession or use drug charge, they may qualify for MCL 333.7411 status. Known locally as 7411 status, this provision can keep a conviction from entering on a Defendant’s record.

Genesee County also has two substance abuse court’s to help clients with charges related to substance addiction. The Adult Felony Drug Court is for defendant’s with significant drug addiction problems, are facing a felony charge related to that addiction and are serious about getting help for their addiction. The Genesee County Sobriety Court is for defendant’s facing a second or subsequent Operating While Intoxicated charge and are committed to addressing their alcohol dependancy.

Mental Health Court and Veteran’s Court are run out of the Genesee County Probate Court. Defendant’s with diagnosed mental health disorders that impacted their criminal behavior may qualify for these programs.

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