About Attorney Sharla Charpentier


Attorney Sharla Charpentier joined Paul Scott & Associates in 2023. For 20 years now, Sharla has practiced in a variety of areas of law, including criminal defense, business, employment, and now family law. She currently lives in Grand Blanc with her 4 children. Sharla is originally from a small farm town in Indiana. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with the highest distinction in Criminal Justice and Political Science from Indiana University in 2000 before attending the University of Michigan Law School, where she graduated in 2003 and received her Juris Doctor degree.  During her time at the University of Michigan Law School, she interned at the Alaska Public Defender Agency for 2 summers. After graduation, Sharla worked at the Office of the Public Defender in Orlando, Florida. She then moved to New York City for 3 years and supervised civil cases involving extensive privileged document review.

Sharla started her own law firm after moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She advised a Fortune 500 company and its affiliates on business transactions and negotiated commercial contracts. Sharla made her final move to Grand Blanc, MI in 2012. For nearly 2 years, she was an associate at the Law Office of Dean T. Yeotis and handled employment law cases. Sharla is a member in good standing of both The Florida Bar and the State Bar of Michigan. She is a passionate attorney always ready for challenges and to learn more. Sharla is a dedicated advocate for her clients and develops strong connections with them through her compassion and communication skills. She is ready to support you through any legal issue.